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CANCHA CANCHA is one of the many communities that have the Cusco located at the ecological level Puna between the mountains of the Sacred Valley with a cold and dry weather at a height of 3900 m / 12800ft that still preserves the ancestral wealth of culture and folklore that today is practiced in parts of the Andes without intervention of the current technology.

The children will inherit the customs by the example of the activities carried out daily through their parents like the learning of the mother language Quechua or Runasimi

Children are educated by the government mainly Spanish and mathematics learning and have only primary education to 12 years. They use the time for sports such as soccer or volleyball and engage in agriculture and grazing.

Parents are an important source of development of traditional activities that are passed down to children through the years to keep our culture alive.

Its economy is based on agriculture and livestock that is diminished by cold temperatures that they have during the year, they produce basically potatoes using ancient techniques and breed animals such as llamas, alpacas, sheeps and guinea pigs.

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    You can get in touch directly to Cancha Cancha's people trough this web page, visit us and learn about this magical place hiden in the andes that you can only get access by horse or trekking.

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